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While I still work on composing many of the posts regarding my trip to Hawaii, I wanted to post a few photos of some beautiful winter veggies from our local Wayville Farmer’s Market. In my previous post on GIANT SPINACH, I must stress that Australia grows the biggest vegetables I’ve ever seen in my life with the top items being celery, cabbage and cauliflower. So whenever I need celery, I buy only half, a quarter of cabbage and half of a cauli.

This specimen here is not even that big. It would be considered an average-sized cabbage.

I think this cabbage is flirting with me…

If only I could show the actual size of those beetroot bunches – believe me, they are HUGE.

I know this isn’t a picture about veggies but I thought that it was so beautiful that I had to share it. A pelican at sunset in Victor Harbour with Wright Island in the background.


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