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I know that many airlines offer a kid’s meal on some flights (mostly international) but there are probably not too many that do offer them on domestic routes both in Australia and elsewhere. Qantas Airlines is the only major carrier that still includes meals and drinks on their domestic flights within Australia and it has never had a crash in its long history.

Before going on my last trip to Queensland, I was reading the fine print on their website and saw that you can request a BABY meal! I thought I’d try it for fun to see what I’d get. From my flight from Adelaide to Melbourne, we were given two purees – apple & pear and a chocolate custard. The silly thing about that meal was that whoever packed it, put adult sized spoons in the pack.

The flight home from Sydney was very neatly packed and we were given two purees – sweetcorn & chicken and vanilla custard and a baby juice. This time, there were tiny, baby-sized spoons included – yay!

I make a lot of my baby’s food but when I do purchase some, I don’t purchase Heinz because their foods are really, really tasteless. There are other baby foods on the market that have much more flavour. BUT, even with saying all that, I was thrilled to be given baby purees so that I didn’t have to lug that extra stuff on the plane when my nappy (diaper) bag was already as heavy as bricks.  Beggers can’t be choosers. 🙂 

So next time you fly Qantas domestic, request a baby meal for your infant – it’s pretty convenient and best of all, free.

Chocolate custard and apple & pear puree grabbed by some little chubby hands.


Baby meal on flight home.


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In the last six months, things have been a bit hectic – I had a very sad death in my family, I quit my job and had a baby. I am still trying to juggle having a child and blogging about food because my days of sitting in front of a computer have definitely reduced.  Although having a baby did not deter me from celebrating my wedding anniversary!

My due date was a week before my anniversary and was hoping that the birth and anniversary wouldn’t coincide but luckily I ended up giving birth a week and a half early. By the time the anniversary rolled around, my bub was nearly three weeks old.  Having just gotten over being shell-shocked from caring for a newborn, we were so pleased when a new restaurant called Sparrow opened up not too far away. When I called to make reservations, I had a choice of 6:30 pm or 8:30 pm. The old me would have chosen the later reservation but I knew that it would be too late and boy was I so glad that I chose the earlier time. The thing that I had to get used to was to tell them that we were two people and a pram (stroller). I desperately fed bub on the way to the restaurant and hoped bub would stay asleep.  The staff were nice and very accommodating to us and for a weeknight, it was absolutely packed (which is fortunate because the baby wasn’t able to be heard about the noise).

The menu is extensive and you can have a choice of tapas, pasta, pizza or meat.  Up until we ordered the food, it was going great – bub was asleep. Then just as the starters arrived, bub started to whinge and I was getting so stressed out. My husband lovingly spread their lovely French butter onto the homemade bread and tore me pieces of the Bresaola that we ordered and popped a Spanish olive into my mouth. Phew, just a short cuddle later, bub went back to sleep!  Sparrow’s pasta is very tasty.  If you love spaghetti bolognaise, you should try their take on it – an amazing ragu with a few different types of meats.  Next time though, I will try their degustation menu.  My friend Jacqui has eaten there many times now and has recommended a few tapas items.  They have quirky things like “duck donuts” which I am dying to try next time.  We were able to eat our meal with bub asleep almost the whole time and had a fabulous time. So many people are scared to take their babies out but I think that it can be done with some planning and of course – luck. Right now, my baby is a bit more difficult to take out but I have not altered my lifestyle too much yet. It should be interesting to see how things change especially when they are able to run around!

Tell me your stories of when you first took your bub out to dinner.  Any tips?  Funny stories?

Sparrow's Bolognaise

Sparrow's Bolognaise

Sparrow's Rabbit Pasta

Sparrow's Rabbit Pasta

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