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Last week, my acupuncturist Dina put me on a low-carb (NOT NO-carb) diet for two weeks and also told me to keep a food diary and write how I feel each day.  As soon I heard low-carb, I dreaded it partly due to my experience years ago with trying to do the Atkins diet which I failed miserably at.  I fantasized about pasta constantly and I felt like I was going crazy. 😦  After four or five days, it was over – I quit!!  BUT, although it hasn’t been the easiest thing to do this week (especially for a food lover) to cut down my carbs, I have done pretty well – with only one day that that I cheated a teeny bit (when I made homemade noodles to go with my Osso Bucco over the weekend).  This low-carb diet (no more than two pieces of fruit a day) is probably why I’m not banging out a post every couple of days – I don’t want to think too much about food at the moment.

Doing the grocery shopping tonight was a nightmare with all the tempting foods just screaming at me (like pretty cupcakes).  But really, it’s noodles that I crave and think about all the time.  I nearly had soba today but I stopped myself and returned it to the pantry with merely a sniff.

Do I feel better?  I am not sure yet but I think so, the aches and pains in my back are better and feel less inflamed.  Quinoa has been my best friend this week (it is a good substitute to brown rice) and so has cabbage, cauliflower and cucumber (to fill me up).

So, tell me what restrictive diets have you been on and what you craved the most?

Here is a photo of my first dinner on the low-carb diet – it was weird but tasted good:

Tofu (lots of it) with minced pork and lamb on top and a huge side of shredded raw cabbage


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