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So in my first post on weird ads for hospitality jobs, I mentioned both a position catching chickens and being a “glassy” here.  What I found hilarious about the “glassy” job was that it required a resume and preferably previous “experience”.  I am not mocking the job at all as it is an integral part of running a bar smoothly but come on, it’s not exactly really hard nor technical.  The Aussie slang for a glass collector is what makes me laugh and requiring a resume blows my mind…really, who cares what schools you went to when all you do is collect empty glasses and clean them in a bar?

Anyway, I found yet another add for “glassies” but thank goodness this bar has simpler expectations – they just want applicants to ring the bar and better yet, no experience is necessary.  Maybe I should apply for this job just to see what a real “glassy” does.


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Every Saturday, I thumb through the large “Career One” section of our local paper to see if anything jumps out at me as interesting or worth applying for.  Although winter tends to be a pretty slow time of year for job ads, I have recently (in the last month) found two ads that made me chuckle and left me a bit puzzled.

The thing that I find joy in living here in Australia is the language.  The Aussie slang never ceases to amaze me – there are literally thousands of words and phrases to learn!  It is truly what makes Australian English so different from American English.  Australia’s slang variety and uniqueness is similar to Britain’s variety of regional accents.


What makes me laugh about this ad is not just that they’re asking for chicken catchers but that it’s for the NIGHTSHIFT!!  What!?  Sounds like a job for someone very young and fit to run after chickens in the dark! Someone please explain…I need to be enlightened.


This is nowhere near as funny as the ad above but this just shows the Aussie slang.  I am assuming that “glassy” means someone who collects and cleans the mass amounts of glasses that needs to be dealt with on a Friday & Saturday night.  It just seems like such a very particular job position and one that would get pretty dull after a few months.  WTF…I honestly find it odd that they require a resume…how about just a phone call?  Does it need a college degree too?

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