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I hope that everyone has/had a lovely Christmas. I spent the day with good friends and we all shared the task of providing food and it worked out very well. Lunch that was a colourful feast and stuffed to the gills!

What makes an Australian Christmas different from any Christmas I’ve spent in the UK or back home in the US is that not only is it summer and warm, big bowls of fresh cherries are a must on the table! Also either lobsters (crays) or large prawns (both eaten cold) are a big feature on many Christmas tables in Oz and to top it off, a lovely summer pavlova for dessert.

Happy Christmas!


Individual pavlovas made by me 🙂


Prawns made by Jacqui with a great sauce


Our lovely festival table with ham made by Jacqui, turkey made by Brenda with a very good grape relish called Mostarda, salads made by us and wines provided by Jen & Matt!


My very colourful Christmas lunch plate


A few more things I made for lunch...buttermilk pecan pralines, oatmeal raisin cookies, mince pies using homemade mincemeat and Mexican wedding cakes (the best!)


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